User Agreement

Both legal entities and individuals who have reached the age of majority - 18 years - can register at the official TradeGroup website and participate in investment programs.

TradeGroup provides its services according to KYC, strictly following all the rules and regulations of the financial regulator. To ensure that users do not carry out transactions related to money laundering, terrorist financing.

TradeGroup guarantees complete confidentiality and safety of the personal information of each investor. Our platform encrypts data at a transmission rate of 256 bit SSL, using the MD5 protocol to exclude leakage of information which the project participant enters during registration: name, surname, login, password, email address and information about deposits.

1. Rights of the investment programs participants:

1.1. Register on the site and open 1 account only.

1.2. Transfer money to the website account by choosing any of the offered methods of payment.

1.3. Conclude 1 contract or create several investment plans.

1.4. Actively participate in the promotions, drawings, contests offered by the system, while respecting the rules established by the Company, which are published on the investment platform.

1.5. Become a member of a representative or affiliate program, as well as get rewards for attracting referrals.

1.6. Apply for participation in the Representation Program on condition of compliance and fulfillment of certain terms of our company.

1.7. To make deposit and withdrawal of funds by means of payment instruments that belong to the participant.

1.8. Only replenish personal accounts with funds of lawful origin.

1.9. Securely save the log-in data and exclude the data transfer to third parties.

2. Rights of TradeGroup investment company:

2.1. To block the personal account of the investor in case of a request from law enforcement authorities, messages from payment systems about the presence of illegal actions, regardless of the situation.

2.2. To deny service to the investors, block their accounts if there were attempts to damage the site: blackmail, spam, slander, as well as attempts to hack the website, defamation, etc. In this case, our company refunds the money or covers the losses caused to the system from the guilty party's funds.

2.3. To provide support and confidentiality of investor’s personal data.

2.4. To rename, correct, add, modify or leave unchanged sections, subsections, clauses/subclauses of conditions, rules, requirements, notifying the participants.

2.5. To carry out the accrual of the profit to the account of investors according to the approved conditions stated in the contract.

2.6. To provide round-the-clock access to the account and monitor the website’s efficiency.

3. Distribution of profit on deposits:

3.0. Profits are distributed at approved tariffs strictly under the terms of each contract.

3.1. The right to use the profit at the participant’s discretion is reserved for him.

3.2. The investor has no right to close his deposit at any time convenient for him. The deposit is closed according to the terms of the contract.

4. Settlements:

4.1. The investor has the full right to withdraw profit at any convenient time and in any acceptable way;

4.2. The profit is strictly paid out to the details, stated by the user in the account’s settings. TradeGroup company is not responsible for the mistakes, caused by the incorrect entering of the payment system details.

4.3. Payments are only transferred to the electronic wallets of investors; it is strictly forbidden to specify others’ requisites.

Important: The TradeGroup administration strongly recommends to familiarize oneself with all the terms and conditions of the website and the document below, which describes the basic and binding rules, the terms of the interaction of the participant with the TradeGroup investment project.

Please register only if you are informed about all the terms and conditions and accept all the provisions described below.

Investor and participant of our website is a person who fully agrees with the current terms and conditions of the project, and signed up at the official TradeGroup website.

Mandatory document:

Both legal entities and individuals can register on the official TradeGroup website and participate in the investment programs except for:
  • minors with strict compliance with the legislation of the residence country;
  • legally incompetent persons recognized as such on the basis of a medical report;

Responsibility for the decision to participate in investment programs and join the TradeGroup Web project, as well as for their actions within the project - financial transactions, compliance or non-compliance with the rules - and their consequences lies with the participant himself.

5. Duties and rights of TradeGroup members:

5.1. Each participant of our project has the full right: to use all the services, personal account, deposit and receive income under the established conditions in the investment plan, to participate in raffles, promotions and seek help from specialists of technical support.

5.2. The project participant has the full right to create an account and manage it within the website. If the TradeGroup administration establishes the fact that the investor manages several accounts which are connected by the referral program, all the involved accounts will be blocked. Invested funds and profits are automatically passed to TradeGroup as a payment for moral damages and violation of the rules, fraud.

5.2. Participant must comply with all the rules, ensure full confidentiality of all the received information from the administration of the project.

5.3. The investor is obliged to securely save the data for access to his personal account and exclude the transfer of data to the third parties, securely protect his computer, smartphone, tablet, used for accessing the website. In case of participant’s personal funds theft, due to the lack of reliable protection from the participant, our company is not responsible for what happened.

5.4. The user is recommended to systematically log into the account during the period of the investment plan for personal security monitoring. If the investor found unauthorized access to his account, carrying out financial transactions that were carried out without his knowledge, he should immediately contact the support service or immediately to the specialists of the administration right away.

5.5. The participant is obliged to comply with the established rules in full. In case of violation of the rules listed in this document, TradeGroup has the right to immediately terminate cooperation with this client.

5.6. The participant of the project has no right to make claims, along with demanding financial compensation from TradeGroup, if they violated the regulations, rules and recommendations for depositing/withdrawing the personal funds.

6. Duties and rights of TradeGroup participants:

6.1. TradeGroup guarantees its members that it will provide all the declared services in full, considering the conditions of each service offer.

6.2. TradeGroup is obliged to provide the workability of the investment project, provide consulting support, timely eliminate technical failures that have caused difficulties in the work process of the website.

6.3. TradeGroup guarantees its customers the maximum level of of personal data protection and investments.

6.4. TradeGroup undertakes to keep confidentiality of the project participant’s personal information, which is obtained during registration and the whole period of cooperation.

6.5. If fraud is detected on the part of the investor, along with the attempts to hack the accounts of others, introducing themselves as TradeGroup employees to attract new investors through a referral program, etc., or violation of any of the listed items in this document, the account of the guilty (related) participant is blocked, and the return of the investment is excluded. In case of minor violations on the part of the investor or disputes, it is possible to temporarily block the personal account of the participant. To solve the problem of unblocking, you need to contact the administration of the project.

TradeGroup owns all rights to the content of any materials, documents, information posted on this website. Any illegal use of the intellectual property and personal information of our company is prosecuted by the law "About copyright protection".

If you spread information that could damage the reputation of TradeGroup - the termination of the contract and complete blocking of the account, with a full compensation of the investment in favor of the website.